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December 03, 2017

Siddhartha put on 15 kg`s weight to act in a film

Siddhartha Madyamika decide to put on weight to fill the character with life. He gained 15 kg weight despite opposition from his parents. Siddhartha playing the character of a central government employee of 1970`s in the film Kavalu Dhari. Her is married and father of a child. Hemath had a certain look in mind for my character which included pot belly was part of his vision. I stopped work out for this character. I consumed more food in every meal. I put on weight from 77 kg to 92 kgs siddarth said. But what kind of reaction from the people around him? I didn`t get work anywhere, Even parents scolded me a lot for gainging weight says siddhartha laughing.  

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