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January 10, 2018

SIT to reinvestigate anti sikh riots

newdelhi: Supreme court wednesday said that it will form a  special investigation team consisting of three members to reinvestigate the 1984 anti-sikh riot cases.

SIT led by Highcourt retired justice will reinvestigate the 186 cases, said divisional bench led by justice Dipak Mishra.

The bench said that the comittee should consist  of retired and working DIG grade officers and asked Cetral government to name the members who will be in comittee. The high  level comittee submitted its report  to the court regarding anti sikh violence on 2017 august.

 About 241 cases were registered at that time. As 186 cases were completed without any investigation  the court ordered to reinvetigate these cases.
 The anti sikh riots started when late prime minister Indira Gandhi killed by her own sikh bodygaurds. Out of 3325 people killed in anti sikh riots, 2733 people died in Delhi alone.

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