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December 30, 2017

 Superstar Rajanikanth announced his entry into politics

Chennai: Superstar Rajanikanth mania grips Tamilnadu. Rajani while speaking in  Ragavendra kalyan mantap, chennai,  announced his entry into politics. In the name of democracy politicians are robbing us of our money. I will feel guilty if I dont take decision now he said.

 Tamil nadu has become a laughing stock in the country. Democracy is in bad shape right now. One needs support and god`s blessings. I have both Rajani said.

My entry into politics is need of the hour he said. Our party will contest in next election from all the Vidhanasabha seats, Rajani said.
Rajani quotes: 
From the days of kings and rulers looting other countries and kingdoms, we have come to a level where  our political rulers are looting their own country
Truth, work and growth will be the three mantras of our party
The system has to change. Democracy has been corrupted and needs to be cleansed,

BJp leader Subramanya Swamy commented on Rajanikanth forming a new party. Rajanikanth is a fraud, He will become a corrupt politician he said. There is mood in Tamilnadu to get rid of film stars. Rajnikanth is an illeterate and he does not know anything about politics he alleged.

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