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September 30, 2018

Bike rider threatened the woman with rape 

 Bangalore: While Central and state governments are creating awareness to follow the traffic rules, A bike rider threatened a woman with rape after she refused to jump the signal.

 26 year old woman photographer alleged that a 54 year old man threatened her to jump the signal or else he would rape her. 

 The woman stopped the car when she saw the red light in the signal near Bilal Masjid of Thilaknagar.  The man who was riding the bike   shouted at her to jump the signal. 

But when she didnot respond he kept quiet. As she was riding towards Reddy hospital, he followed her and threatened to rape her. He even asked me to move to the side so that he could show me how he would rape me the woman said.

Undettered she got down from her car and began taking his photo. He fled away when she threatened to approach police. 

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