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July 30, 2018

Telugu film director blamed Sri Reddy who revealed about casting couch 

Hyderabad : Telugu film director had stirred the Bees nest by calling Sri Reddy as a prostitute.Actress Sri Reddy who took Telugu film industry by storm through her revelations about casting couch in telugu industry.

But the director blamed her for humliating the telugu industry.Sri Reddy herself agreed that she slept with directors and actors in order to get a chance in the film. So, prostitution case should be registered against her director alleged.

 She is trying to squeeze money by making sexual harrasment allegatons against actors-directors. police should take appropriate action against her he said. Meanwhile Sri Reddy had complained to police against the director for his derogatory remarks. Some time back Sri Reddy protested against the casting couch in Telugu industry and had removed her clothes in protest. 

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