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July 23, 2018

Quit the peeta if proved that I had children: pejavara Shree 

Chennai: I will quit the peeta if proved that I had children said Pejavara matt Vishweshwara theertha Swamiji. Shiroor Shri Lakshmivasra Theertha who died suspeciously made allegations in an Audio tape 4 days before his death.

 Lakshmivara swamiji had talked about Pejavara shri in the audio. Ajja(Pejavara) had 3 children. One of them is named DR.Usha. She was working as doctor in chennai. Ajja had illicit relationship with that lady and that lady died recently.

 Pejavarashri reacting to the allegations made in the Audio tape,in a press release  said  that all are utter lies. The allegation that I had a daughter in Tamilnadu is also not true. These are all rubbish. I am ready to face any enquiry about it. If allegations proved true I am ready to quit the Peeta he said.

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