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Jai Kannada
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July 19, 2018

Neelgai animals saved the life of 18 farmers

 Ahmadabad: Neelgai(blue deer) are considered as enemies for Gujarat farmers. Farmers are worried over Neelgai animals comes in large flocks and eat the farmers raised crops. But the same neelgai animals saved the lives of 18 people. T

hree forest officers, three watchmen and 12 workers were working in Handa Vidhi grassland. At 3 o clock the neelgais grazing nearby behaved strangely and ranaway from that place. The 18 people observed this and  sensed some imminent danger and left the place immediately. 

After some time there was flood like situation and the grassland filled with 7-8 feet water. Thus the strange behavior of Neelagais saved the life of 18 people. 

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