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July 13, 2018

Here is how the earth could end

We have only one earth. If this earth is no more? This is not a strange question. Even earth can face death. But how can death occurs to earth? If the forest land becomes barren, then the human beings mightbe destroyed. When the earth becomes hot, water will be dried and the greenaries will be destroyed and all the living beings disappear. But earth remains forever. But even that earth also might face death threat. 

Many speculations doing rounds about the earth`s destruction. When sun fades away and becomes old, then it is the end of the earth. Sun which gives light everyday is producing enough solar energy. But it is not permanent phenomenon. The sun might lose it`s energy when all the gases in the sun burnsdown, It will be end of earth also.

Presently sun burning its hydrogen and heat generated from that makes the earth warm which is 15 crore kilometres away from sun. It is very difficult to imagine the hotness of the sun. The sun`s surface with  6 lakh kilometer thickness glows with 6000 degree centigrade heat.

When all the hydrogen burns down, sun will cool down and it will expand in size. Then it swallows mercury and venus which are nearer than earth. It might require 500 crore years for the sun to fade away. When sun becomes old it is called white dwarf.

Then sun will become weak, loses its strength and vigour. Only gravitational force remains in the sun.  But all living beings will be destroyed.But the stone and sand still remains on the earth. 
The astronomer Andrew Wanderburg and his companions have narrated the condition of earth. Their descriptions are published in Nature magazine. .

Due to the gravitational force of the white dwarf, the things on the earth will smither into pieces and transit behind the earth. Then the earth losing everything will no more remain as planet and might become meteors or dust particles wandering in the space. 


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