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July 06, 2018

Brain very sensitive structure of the body 

Human physical and mental health complement one another. But medical science knows little about the brain than other parts of the body. Because the brain function and its cells parts are very complex structure. So mental sickness due to the fluctuation in man`s thinking power poses a challenge to medical science. 

 Till now we have believed that there is no medicine to mental sickness. But nowadays since lot of emphasis and financial help given to brain research and treatment, many interesting facts have come to light. 

let us see some important facts about brain
85 percent of brain made up of cerebrum. As other parts of the body made up of some type of muscle or cells. But the brain  constitues 85% of cerebrum cells. These are in the form of not fully liquid or not fully solid. this 85% portion controls movement of every part of the body.
During the post mortems it was found that the adult man brain weight about 1336 gms and adult women`s brain weights 1198 grams. other other parts are the nerves and axon structure surrounding the brain. When compared to the body human`s brain is larger in size. when compared to elephants body it`s brain weighs small.
The power produced by brain is enough to light a bulb. Blood should be supplied continiously to brain. The power required for brain is supplied through blood glucose. 

 30 to 35 watt power produced by brain using this glucose is enough to glow a bulb. Brain needs 20% of oxygen required for body. The blood supplied to brain must contain oxygen.

If the blood does not contain oxygen the human being gets unconscious in 7 to 9 seconds. That is why people become unconscious when hit on the nerves of the neck which supplies blood to the brain.Brain is a very complex structure with nerves and very sensitive blood vessels which supplies blood to brain. the blood vessels supplies oxygen to every cell of the brain 

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