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July 04, 2018

Bumper offer for 14 crops from central government : MSP raised 

 newdelhi: The farmers are the backbone of our country and they produce in huge quantity. But they were not paid the appropriate price for their products. The decision by central government to give new support price of 14 crops is a historical step towards farmers progress, Home minister Rajanath singh said taday.

Modi has taken a decision to raise farmers income by one and a half times, Rajanath singh said.
This landmark decision was taken by the central cabinet meeting held in Delhi. The central government has taken this step to reduce the anti regime wave of farmers who have demanded appropriate price for their crops. 

The central government in its last budjet promised farmers  a profit margin of 50% over their cost of production. less water consuming millets got substantial hike as compared to paddy.According to the sources the paddy(ordinary) support price has been raised by  200 RS. the MSP of paddy in 2017-18 season was 1550 Rs per quintal. For 2018-19 season MSP of paddy increased to  1750 Rs. MSP of jowar has been raised by 730 rs. MSP of ragi raised from 1900 Rs to 2897 rs. aproximately 997 Rs increased. 

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