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December 11, 2017

Ion Grillot honoured by Time magazine 

houston: Americal citizen ion Grillot(24) was specially honoured by Time Magazine for trying to rescue indian citizen from shoot out.  Grillot took the bullet for an Indian while trying to intervene during racilally motivated shooting.
Grillot name features in the magazine among `5 heroes who gave us hope in 2017`,
Adam puritan who was holding a gun approached Hyderabad based Engineer Srinivas Kuchibotla(32) shouting get out of the country and killed him. Ian Grillot was injured when he tried to rescuef Sriniwas and Warangal Akhol Medasani.
India American community appreciated Grilliot for his bravery and honoured as a true amrican hero and gave him 1 lakh dollars to buy a house in his hometown Kansas. 

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