• 08 April 2020 05:40
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SAUDI ARABIAN PLANE FORCED TO RETURN jeddah: Saudi Arabian plane forced to return back after a woman who boarded the plane left her child in the terminul.The woman who boarded the flight sv 832 from Kaulampura Jedda told cabin staff that she had forgotton the child in the terminal boarding area.  In a video that is going viral, Pilot is seen requesting permission to return to the airport.The operator took the flight number and asked another collegue about the protocol. operator told him that a passenger forgot her child in the waiting room. Operator then asked the pilot to reconfirm the reason fro turning back.  the pilot was overheard speaking, We told you a passenger left her baby in the terminal and refuses to continue the flight. Ok, turn back the flight, This is totally new one for us. The Pilot has been appreciated for his humanity and the wayy he tackled the situation.