officers and CM pa behind money racket: rowdisheeter Naga revealed

Bangalore: The money seized by police in my house belonged to ips officers and Siddaramaiah PA, rowdisheeter v.Nagaraj alias Naga revelead by releasing video footage from unknown place. 

Naga talked for about 1 hour about police raid on his house and 4.8 crore seized and distributed the Video casette through lawyers to media.
this has made sensation in police and public circles. The full details of his statement are as follows police department is considered as a temple to provide justice to troubled people.

But the people who are sitting there doing rollcall and fraud. The raid on my house showed proof that they are ready to do anything for money. police raided my house on april 14th.

But i was not there.When wife called me and told about the raid, I told her to call media and Devegowda. Police did all petty thing before the media arrived to the place.
They are telling about the 14.8 crore found in my Sneha seva samithi trust. But it is not a big issue to me. Because that belonged to officers who raided my house.
You are telling that car dealer kishore, jds leader Sriramaih, his son Madhu, real estate agent Umesh, his brother Naveen compalined against me. But keep one thing in mind. They were coming to my house very often. They used to call me and asked me to switch off cc tv cameras in the house. They pressurised me to change the demonetised notes belonged to 3 ips officers into new notes. Then I realised that those money belonged to them.

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