robot waitress to serve food
islamabad: pakistan restaurant is serving food  by using robot waitress. Soon after the news of pijja,com in multan nagar using robot to serve food spread through local media, cusotmers number has been increased ubruptly. 25 kg robot carry 5 kg food goes to particular table and greet the customer and serve food and come back to the counter. it also dectects the obstacles in its owner`s son said osama aziz had made this robot. Aziz .... ಮುಂದೆ ಓದಿ
Nasa journey to mars will start from 2020
washinton: Nasa journey to mars will start from 2020 and scientists finalised three places for landing of rover. mars journey 2020 will start in 2020 july by  launching rover through atlas V 541 rocket from america air base.rover will gather the information about the living species which might be occoured in present or past.Rover will search for living beings  on cirtis, jijiro crater( mars lake parts in the past), colombia hills( hot water fountains land). .... ಮುಂದೆ ಓದಿ


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